Welcome to fresh-futures  new website # regenerating   people, &  place!

Fresh-futures is  a multifaceted space where the old meets the new and projects come to life.

Established in September 2011 by Sonia McLay our aim is to 

i.            Ensure that those who are disadvantaged and facing personal crisis, can access support that  helps them get through traumatic times

ii.           Establish a  vibrant and effective local organisation that reinforces inclusiveness and empowerment.

iii.          Support and empower a network of strong and vibrant local  organisations to  deliver: help, empowerment & local support to people  in their communities.

Our main  hope that is  Fresh-Futures will be more than a space &  become a whole way of life!
We  have updated our website to raise awareness of ,  & build interest in our projects. 

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